Cherry + TRACI (Fall 2023)
    Programs used: Adobe Illustrator
8.5 x 11 Inches
Outside of regular graphic design, I also hope to break into the world of independent comic books.  One story idea I currently have is called Cherry Vice: a detective comic that follows the exploits of the titular detective Cherry Vice and her robot sidekick TRACI. This illustration was a personal project I did so that I had visual reference material when planning out my comic. On the left is, of course, the titular Cherry Vice in cream and red colors. On the right beside her is her robot sidekick TRACI in green and gray. For the style, I was hoping to appeal to a more art-deco aesthetic in order to make the work visually pop.

Cherry Vanilla (Summer 2023)
Programs used: Adobe Illustrator
8.5 x 8.5 Inches
Shown here is a closeup profile picture of Cherry Vice I did during the summer of 2023. At the time I was considering giving her the alternate name of "Cherry Vanilla" in reference to the cream-colored clothes she usually wears, hence the name of this illustration. I have since returned to the original name. Once again, this image was also done in an art-deco style which allows the character to pop out more against the black backdrop.     

Creedus Honor and Bravery (Spring 2021)
Programs used: Adobe Illustrator
8.5 x 11 inches
Tying back to my comic book aspirations, another idea I have is to create a fantasy series based around knights. Shown here is a personal, rough design I did for the main character of this series (whom I was referring to as "Creedus" at the time). The name "honor and bravery" is in reference to the motto written on his banner which translates to the aforementioned phrase in Latin. Admittedly, some elements of his design were loosely inspired by the design of the character Darth Revan from the Star Wars: The Old Republic series (namely the helmet and hood), but I made sure my work was original in design so as to avoid any confusion (this can be seen in later redesigns I did after completing this picture). I had actually submitted this to Marymount University's 2021 Horizons Design + Art Collegiate Exhibition in their design category.


Editorial Illustration Assignment (Spring 2023)
Programs used: Adobe Illustrator
9 x 6 Inches
This project was done for my Illustration class at George Mason University (Spring 2023). Our professor provided us with an article from The Washington Post and we were supposed to create an image to accompany it. The article in question detailed the plight of a local housecat in Washington D.C. who had gotten itself stuck in a tree and the various attempts made to rescue it. My illustration depicts the final rescue attempt where they hoisted up a crate filled with goodies to lure the cat with.  While most of the details were made to accommodate the location and time of the story, I also included the Washington Monument in the background so that it was obvious where this story took place (realistically, it wouldn't have been visible from the place of the incident).

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