I am a graphic designer from Northern Virginia who primarily specializes in graphic design, illustration (both physical and digital), animation, and photography. I also have skills in other creative mediums such as video recording and editing, 3D compositional design, and package design.
I am a very detail-oriented person who enjoys exploring the world around him and discovering some of its deepest – and often most obscure –  quirks. This knowledge-hungry mindset has helped me to develop a wide range of hobbies that continues to fuel my creativity and imagination. These include playing video games, watching movies and TV shows (especially STAR WARS), studying history, collecting comic books, and railroading. You can see the influence many of these hobbies have had on many of my projects displayed on this portfolio website.  
This detail-oriented mindset has also helped me to produce a wide range of works across various creative mediums. In terms of graphic design, I have designed numerous advertisements and merchandise that have been used by local small businesses, high schools, and even a digital publication. 
I have also delivered an exceptional number of private portrait commissions. For each of these clients, I always strive to produce work that is of the utmost quality, an attribute that has blessed me with plenty of opportunities from satisfied clients.  
While I enjoy producing work for others,  I hope to one day make more ground-breaking work that I can proudly claim as embodying my true creative vision.  In fact, I am currently brimming with many creative ideas that I hope to share with the world someday, ideally through the medium of independent comic books.  I have always been a fan of comic books since I was young, and I believe this would be the ideal medium with sharing my creative aspirations with the world.  You can actually see a few samples for what I am considering in my portfolio (under Digital Illustrations/Personal Art).  Aside from making content I can be proud of, I hope that my work can one day inspire others to follow similar paths of creativity.  
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