Senior Project Blu-Ray
This project was one of several deliverables for my Senior Project (Fall 2023). While the main feature of this project was, of course, my animated short (see the Animations section), I also created other promotional material to market the short (see also Graphic Design Projects). Shown here is the Blu-Ray case that would be sold once the short inevitably hit home media. I designed two portions of this project: the cover for the Blu-Ray itself, and a decorative slide cover that would go over it. The main cover of the Blu-Ray is a condensed version of the poster I had designed separately (see Graphic Design Work). The slide cover, however, was entirely my creation. While both the slide cover and main cover share the same layout on their respective reverse sides (i.e. plot synopsis, general movie information, etc.), the front side of the slide cover is a significantly different design altogether. Here, the front is blotted out with a gradient and cutaway section (identified in white) so that when displayed, it only focused on the Artist in the center rather than the rest of the environment. The slide cover was printed on cardstock.

 Dieline of Main Blu-Ray Cover

10.5 x 5.875 Inches (unfolded)

Main Blu-Ray Case (no Decorative Cover)

Made To Fit Standard Blu-Ray Case (5.31 x 0.51 x 6.75 Inches)

 Dieline of Blu-Ray Slide Cover

Main Blu-Ray Case (with Decorative Cover)

5.3125 x 0.55 x 6.75 Inches

MI-SIPS (Fall 2023)
This was my Unboxing Experience project for my Design class at George Mason University (Fall 2023). The guidelines for this project were that we had to create a single overarching main package design that contained at least two other items in it. We had to make sure we considered how the user would interact with the package so as to give them a unique experience. My package design is tied into MI-SIPS, a fictional spy-themed brand of soda I created. I divided the main package design into two parts: the case itself, and a decorative cover that would go on top of the case to make it look like a spy's briefcase. The main case itself is done in black with a spy dossier on the side to explain what the product is (portions are censored out to mimic the appearance of an actual dossier). I also created three soda can covers that would go inside the case; each of which themed with a different flavor and spy character related to that flavor (ex: "Dirty Blonde" for lemon soda).  I created six cans in total so as to give more product for the package (each aforementioned flavor is represented by two cans). 

 Dieline of Decorative Cover for Main Package

Physical Mockup of Final Package with Decorative Cover

5 x 8 x 5.5 Inches

 Dieline of Main Package

Physical Mockup of Final Package (reverse side)

5 x 8 x 8.5 Inches

Soda Can Dieline #1 (Tall, Dark and Handsome)

Printed on Sticker Paper

8 in x 3.6 Inches

Soda Can #1 Mockup

12 oz Soda Can

Soda Can Dieline #2 (Sly Ginger)

Printed on Sticker Paper

8 in x 3.6 Inches

Soda Can #2 Mockup

12 oz Soda Can

Soda Can Dieline #3 (Dirty Blonde)

Printed on Sticker Paper

8 in x 3.6 Inches

Soda Can #3 Mockup

12 oz Soda Can

Open Farm ON THE GO Dog Treats (Fall 2023)
This was my first project for my Design class at George Mason University (Fall 2023). The guidelines were that we needed to redesign an existing brand of dog food and apply it to a package design. The new rebranding had to appeal to one of three target audiences: fancy, outdoorsy, or kids. My package design appeals to the more outdoorsy type because I felt I could do much more with this than the other target markets. For the surface design, I designed it to be a complete wrap-around design featuring green rolling hills against a peach sky. The front side of the package features a man playing fetch with his dog, while the back side shows them sitting together watching the sunset. Also on the front is an image of what are supposed to be dog treats. Ideally, if this were an official package, I imagined that this side would feature a see-through portion so you could see the flavor of dog treats inside. Health information and other important necessities are placed along the narrow and reverse side of the package respectively. 

 Dieline of Final Package

Digital Mockup of Final Package

4 x 2 x 6 Inches

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